Experience technological highlights – presented live and personally by our experts.

Laboratory Experience 

Pharmaceutical Development of Inhalation Powders
What support does Harro Höfliger offer in the field of powder development? There is a special focus on the process steps of blending and filling. We also demonstrate how different factors determine the filling process.
Characterization and Analysis of Powders
Do you want to gain insight into the work of our ultramodern laboratory? We present to you the physical and chemical product analysis. Moreover, you can find out more about why these steps are of major importance for product and process development.

Process Experience 

Medical Devices from Lab to Production
How do manual and semi-automatic machines help to ensure process reliability during the development of auto-injectors? We will introduce you to the Assemly Lab system for the laboratory and approval phase of medical devices which enables reliable upscaling of all critical processes and parameters to high performance production.
Your Product defines the Process. Show Case: Capsule Filling Technology
What does Harro Höfliger’s holistic „from lab to production“ approach mean in practice? We will demonstrate the potential of early product trials and the effects on further development through to high performance production with the aid of an example.
Coating, Conversion and Packaging of ODF and TTS
How are modern products with an active ingredient layer produced? We will demonstrate the coating process at the manufacturing of oral dissolvable films (ODF) as well as cutting and packaging of TTS (transdermal therapeutic systems).
The Way to Production of Surgical Sutures
Which aspects must be considered on the way to commercial production of surgical sutures? What role do small and flexible systems for the lab and small batch series play and how are they connected to subsequent, automated processes? We will demonstrate to you the way from lab to production and illustrate, how process reliability can be ensured through upscalable processes.

Digital Experience 

Advantages of Augmented Service and Opportunities of Deep Learning with Vision Systems
Advantages of Augmented Service:
How can experts support machine operators over long distances with the help of augmented reality? You can find out in this workshop.

Opportunities of Deep Learning with Vision Systems:
To what extent does machine vision support modern quality assurance? What are the advantages compared to conventional solutions? We will answer these questions and more in our workshop.

Harro Experience 

Company Tour
You would like to see a varied extract from our portfolio in action and at first hand? Then you are perfectly right at our company tour!


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